Death’s Dealings

(circa 2013)

I felt a tremor but my eyes grew heavy that night.

And a voice whispered words never heard,

the darkness overcoming.


I belonged no where for the briefest of moments.

It was like the light went out inside my skin,

I was there alone.


A grey haze enveloping the tranquil scene that was painted for me.

A force not identified but described by only the shaft of shadow it left.

A sudden loss of all.


Is this how you felt my love being left to hang in place?

Were you scared like I was that night looking for the faintest hint of light?

All darkness taking your life.


I caught a glimpse of who I must become in a split second.

I heard the sound of death and his glaring grin at my light.

I turned around with tears.


The light beams into the darkness, and the darkness is shattered

like death was the moment it felt the most secure in all its dealings.

I am never alone.