By the time you get through setting up a blog I feel like you end up losing whatever you had originally intended to say. Maybe I’m just really impatient when I have an inspiring moment of thought. Maybe I just hate having to sit here for twenty minutes trying to figure out a cool name for a blog only to find out someone has already taken that name. Anyway, here I am again. A new blog. This is probably my tenth blog over the past ten years. Yikes, one every ten years…. And good lord ten years…

People are constantly telling me I should blog. Whether its people who are generally annoyed by my Facebook posts and want me to flesh out my thoughts more or people who enjoy my Facebook or twitter posts and want me to flesh my thoughts out more I think the point is I need to flesh my thoughts out more. Let me be honest, I do not do self promotion very well at all and I can’t stand bandwagons. Both of which are intricately attached to blogs today. They are both ‘cool’ and self promoting to an extent. I’ll try and get over this as much as I can. You know that line from Garden State where the character Sam says, “Do you know what I do when I feel completely unoriginal? I make a noise, or I do something that no one has ever done before. And then I can feel unique again, even if it’s only for a second.” (clip inserted into this post) That pretty much sums up how I feel when I realize I am jumping on a bandwagon or getting into a trend. Yeah yeah yeah insert line about millennials needing to feel unique… and I know its completely reactionary but its honestly just how I feel in those moments. Whether I act on it or not. Side note, I did jump on the beanie bandwagon a couple years ago when that was a thing… I don’t think I pulled it off all that well.

So this is it. This is my blog. Hopefully the last blog I’ll ever have or ever need. I like talking about social issues, comic books, religion, philosophy, and music and art. If this interests you, awesome. If not, its ok. Again I don’t self promote very well so you’ll likely not give this a second thought. I’m going to try and commit to writing at least once a week. If you have followed me on facebook and the ever rising tide of controversy that seems to follow my thoughts, please contact me and let me know if there’s anything you want to discuss. That’s the other thing, I’d like to dialogue more on this blog than simply talk.
Grá (love),



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